Sustainability initiatives require a unique combination of collaborative leadership, creative thought, science, and just plain experiential grit to implement. Certain circumstances may require a background in a particular industry such as facilities management, food service, manufacturing, biotechnology or software. Finding the right person to drive your sustainability initiatives can often seem like finding a unicorn.

There are the usual platforms for listing employment opportunities such as Monsterjobs or LinkedIn as well as your own website. However, there are some platforms that work better for sustainability professionals. Newer or smaller companies and organizations may want to go after entry level job seekers that are willing to grow their career with your company or org. Target the career centers of the higher education institutions with the top Sustainability programs near you. Use hubs where sustainability professionals get information, like or Green Dream Jobs. Sometimes you can get them to post the opportunity for free or for a small fee. While LinkedIn isn’t the best at providing a relevant candidate pool, posting the job there and having your employees and colleagues promote it through their own professional pools can often be helpful.

At EI, we’ve often thought that we couldn’t find a sustainability professional with one foot in the door in another specialty, such as data and technology or community engagement and equity. We almost felt that we manifested our talent just by creating the job description of the dream fit. And yet we’ve done it time and again. Let us help you find the best fit sustainability professional. Contact us for a no fee consultation.