Municipalities across the State of California looking to meet their sustainability goals are implementing Green Business Programs (GBP) to certify businesses and reduce their impact on the environment on a local level. If your municipality is interested in implementing a Green Business Program in your area, but does not have the capacity to staff a program in-house, EI can implement a GBP for you as your local Green Business Contractor. We can also help start a program, including staff training.

EI staffs the California Green Business Network (CAGBN), the statewide non-profit that supports forty-eight GBPs with funding, marketing, data management, training and facilitated collaboration, and also directs ten GBPs on behalf of the Cities of Carlsbad, Watsonville, and the Counties of Santa Cruz, San Mateo, Alameda, Santa Clara, Solano, Santa Barbara and San Benito

When EI runs a Green Business Program, we generally see a large bump in business involvement and certification, as demonstrated on the chart below. We have been doing this work and innovating what works for decades.

You can see the decline of a Green Business Program in this chart until EI staff became involved in 2022. Contact us today to let us help you start, assist, or lead your local Green Business Program.