Through the Green Business Program, EI has provided energy assessments to thousands of businesses, linking them with resources and rebates to upgrade their lighting, HVAC, appliances, and oftentimes their source of energy to save energy and money. Through this experience, we noticed that many of the resources and rebates that were available to small businesses through utility conservation programs were denied to microbusinesses and businesses that were in underserved communities, or whose owners didn’t speak English.

With our partners, Resource Innovations and The Ortiz Group, we secured funding from Utilities to be able to serve microbusinesses with a focus on equity through the Simplified Savings program. This program aims to serve as many micro and small businesses as possible through deep education, retrofit, and sustainment services through multilingual and culturally appropriate outreach strategies.

Municipalities can reach their Climate Action Goals by partnering with programs like Simplified Savings that help businesses conserve energy. We are looking forward to helping small businesses save energy while also having the skills to link up large businesses to resources. Please reach out to us for information on potential savings opportunities, financing, prebates/rebates, municipal partnerships and technical assistance.