In order to reach as many businesses and communities as possible in California, bilingual team members are essential to conduct outreach work. However, successful outreach programs to underserved communities don’t stop with language translation. Successful programs provide resources that benefit vulnerable individuals, with outreach materials and assistance programs that are the right linguistic and cultural fit to ensure equity. Hiring from within these communities has made for a diverse team with unique perspectives and successful outreach programs. It is a win for workforce development, diversity and inclusivity, and successful program implementation for our clients.

With numerous bilingual Sustainability Consultants on staff, we are strong in Spanish language services, and partner with community-based groups that offer Asian and other language capabilities. Outreach is done by people who are hired and trained from within the community, or subcontracted to a community-based group that is well-established and respected in the community. The EI team is quick to develop these relationships, creating paid partnerships that are highly effective.

We strive to make sure that there are no unintended consequences that might create inequities in the communities we serve, as some environmental programs in the past have done.

EI has significant experience in creating environmental solutions that encompass deep collaborations and partnerships that empower communities to go above and beyond compliance for the benefit of all. If you are looking for a partner to help you design and implement environmental programs with an equity focus, contact us today.