Our Origin Story

In 2019, Environmental Innovations, Inc. became a Public Benefit Corporation. Shortly thereafter, we joined a growing international movement by getting certified as a B Corp. This means that we seek to balance profit and purpose by making decisions in our work that benefit people and the planet, as well as the bottom line.

Jo Fleming established a Green Business Program for the County of Santa Cruz in 2004. Soon she was inundated with inquiries from other agencies and businesses asking for advice about how to start their own programs and how to initiate sustainability practices at work and in the broader community. Since Jo had worked in private industry and the public sector driving sustainability initiatives, she understood that to overcome the barriers, strong partnerships and collaboration were required. It was clear that many municipalities, businesses, and organizations were struggling with the initial steps on the path toward sustainability.  The will was there, but these government and business leaders needed help with the way.

EI was born out of a need to assist leaders with sustainability planning and implementation.

Jo seized the moment and Environmental Innovations was born. Founded in 2007, EI specializes in inspiring businesses and the public to participate in reuse, conservation, and pollution prevention. EI is built on a model that combines strong collaboration and partnership using measurable outcomes to drive the process. From initial concept to funding to pilot to broad-scale initiative, EI can help bring a sustainability initiative to life. One of our key strengths is to overcome perceived hurdles. We are proud to provide culturally and linguistically relevant outreach materials and plans to communities that need them. EI can meet the needs of businesses, local governments, nonprofits, and even individuals that want assistance in all types of sustainability planning.