EI has been helping learning institutions institute plans and facilitate multi-stakeholder approaches that lead to supporting large campuses toward more sustainable operations. We have developed a Materials Management and Conservation Plan for the California State University in Monterey Bay that led to a widely adopted 3-bin system that increased waste reduction, diversion, and recycling. This involved meetings and input with every University department and function to identify campus-specific opportunities and challenges. EI helped navigate administrative functions for CSUMB to request proposals that met a detailed Scope of Work for janitorial and landscape services, contributing to an increase in pollution prevention through safer janitorial products and integrated pest management, as well as conservation through post-consumer waste paper products and recycling of landscaping waste. In addition, we have provided part-time staffing to learning institutions to meet their sustainability goals. Lastly, NPDES stormwater compliance is a technically challenging endeavor that does not require frequent attention but left forgotten can result in regulatory problems. Let us help you navigate compliance with NPDES stormwater requirement.

Conservation, sustainability, and compliance for learning institutions can be challenging for often under-resourced sustainability departments. Contact us to see how we can help accomplish sustainability goals for your learning institution in a cost effective and meaningful way.


One of the more rewarding projects EI is involved in is helping K-12 schools operate more sustainably, involving all stakeholders including school administration, teachers, students and parents. EI has been assisting schools to gain Green Business certification and pairing the certification with student training from non-profit partners such as the Coastal Watershed Council. In recent years, EI is taking this to the next level in seeking grant funding to assist schools to make the necessary but sometimes costly changes toward sustainability. We have begun working with other school recognition programs to bring funding and ideas together to create a bridge toward success.  

Let us know if your school district or school is interested in pursuing Green Business Certification and we can oftentimes find you free resources to help you get there.