If you’re worried about climate change and your personal carbon footprint, a new frontier has emerged that promises to wean us off of fossil fuels in a meaningful way: electrification.

Air source heat pumps (aka mini splits), induction stoves, efficient electric dryers, heat pump water heaters, and electric vehicles are opening a new path towards a massive carbon footprint reduction. As the grid gets cleaner, our carbon footprint will shrink as long as we’ve eliminated the natural gas appliances from our homes and workplaces and internal combustion engines from our cars. In fact, you can jump the queue and install your own solar system or wind turbines to go carbon neutral even sooner.

Electrification doesn’t have to be more expensive. If you’re nearing the end of life of your appliances, you’ll quickly find that the price of the electric replacements tends to be similar to the gas versions (or sometimes less!). Removing propane and any gas lines helps you be prepared for wildfires and battery backups can replace the need for a loud, finicky gas generator.

Electrification 101

Gas Stoves -> Induction or Electric Resistance Stoves
Induction presents a new level of electric cooking, converting natural gas hold-outs left and right. It presents a super fast and efficient electric option for the first time. These are healthier too as combustion gases from gas stoves can contain substances known to be toxic to humans.

Gas Heater/Furnace -> Air Source Heat Pump (mini-split)
Heat pumps are quiet, electric, and 300%+ more efficient than electric-resistance heaters. Kick the fracked natural gas out of your home and thanks to heat pumps natural ability to both heat and cool, you can be prepared for the hottest temperatures as well.

Internal Combustion Engine, Gas-Powered Vehicles -> Electric Vehicles
Save money, use your renewable energy to power your ride, and cruise in the carpool lane for the first few years of ownership (in California at least!). The cost of ownership is lower and the range is constantly increasing with all-electric ranges commonly found in the 250-450 range. EV’s are now priced close to their ICE equivalents.

Gas Power Tools -> Electric Power Tools
Time for a new mower, weed whacker, leaf blower, or hedge trimmer? Electric options abound! Added benefits include maintaining a single power unit that can drive all of your various tools, no smelly/oily equipment to store, less maintenance overall.