• Sustainability Planning

    Sustainability Planning

    Waste Reduction Emphasis

    Local governments, businesses and organizations play an important role in protecting their communities. Sustainability Planning is not just important for compliance with environmental laws. It is important for profitability, employee engagement and safety, and community relations. A successful Sustainability Plan, or Climate Action Plan leaves an organization stronger and more profitable. But these plans are not what drive innovation. Customer needs and growing environmental problems often drive the need for innovation. The most rewarding work we do is to develop sustainable ideas for businesses and corporations that are game changers.

  • Water Quality

    Water Quality

    NPDES Compliance

    Local governments operating a municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) must fulfill the urban runoff requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit program and we can help develop programs that specify which best management practices (BMPs) should be used to address certain program areas, including: public education and outreach; illicit discharge detection and elimination; construction and post-construction; and good housekeeping for municipal operations.

  • Community Outreach

    Community Outreach


    Effective environmental outreach entails defining a clear and consistent message while improving relationships with key audiences and recognizing the importance of the public as a participant in natural resource management. In order to unify a community to work toward common conservation goals, public awareness must be engaged to recognize the value these activities contribute toward preventing pollution or conserving water. We can help strengthen the credibility and stature of your outreach mission thus making it easier for staff to carry out your agency's goals and build new partnerships with the public.

  • CA Green Business Network

    CA Green Business Network

    Growing the Green Economy

    The California Green Business Network (CAGBN) is a non-profit organization made up of 34 voluntary, local government-administered, environmental recognition programs for businesses that want to go beyond compliance to implement environmental practices. Environmental Innovations acts as staff to CAGBN. We foster the development of new programs and provide training to Green Business Program Coordinators. We also operate and maintain a complex but user friendly web-based database that is now used nationally. We also do centralized marketing and business development for each program and recently, the program was successfully rebranded. Funding efforts have netted more than $3 million in the past three years. Green Business standards cover a range of environmental issues, such as waste minimization, energy efficiency, water conservation, and pollution prevention. More than 3,000 businesses have been assisted and recognized in California.

  • Sustainability Analysis

    Sustainability Analysis

    Data Presentation

    Our team knows that you're only as good as your data, and that your data is only as good as the story it tells. We research environmental outcome calculations, or metrics, building them into web-based systems so that they are easy to collect, easy to present, and tell the story. Increasingly, businesses and institutions are required to track their greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy saved, toxics and waste reduced. There aren't many who have been as successful as us in building that into a program during the design phase.

  • Green Funding

    Green Funding

    Grant Writing

    We have been very successful in obtaining local, State, and Federal grants to start and grow programs that help make communities more sustainable. Our partners include: CA Air Resources Board, Pacific Gas & Electric, U.S. EPA, and many others. Let us help you find the funding for your next innovation in sustainability.

  • Program Development

    • Since 2006, EI has provided program development services to implement the County’s Green Business program by providing technical assistance to businesses to help them reach their goal of becoming a green business certified. EI also implemented the sharps and pharmaceutical take-back program for the County, which provides free and safe disposal locations for needles and expired and unused medicine. I have worked with Jo Fleming for many years. She is not only an expert in green business and sustainability but also has extensive knowledge of environmental compliance and industrial waste treatment systems. Her company provides excellent service at all phases of the project.

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