Environmental Compliance

Environmental Innovations, with certified Environmental Compliance Inspectors, performs technical industrial monitoring and inspection services for municipal and industrial dischargers. We’ve helped the City of Scotts Valley and other clients meet the requirements of the NPDES Municipal Storm Water Permitting Program since 20o7. Runoff from rain traveling over rooftops, paved streets, highways or parking lots can carry with it pollutants such as: oil, pesticides, herbicides, sediment, trash, bacteria and metals. The runoff can then drain directly into a local stream, lake or bay.  In addition to the hydrological impacts, large impervious surfaces contribute to greater pollutant loading, resulting in turbid water, nutrient enrichment, bacterial contamination, and increased temperature and trash resulting in a loss of aquatic and riparian habitat. Environmental Innovations has prepared SWPPPs, PEAIPs, WAAPs, SWMPs and other plans required by the permit and aimed at reducing pollution of local waterways.